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"How is it possible to feel so lonely in a city as big as this.."


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So being in London is pretty amazing although my normal life (working staying at my host family) is not great I have made a trips to the big sights and of course silenced the fangirl voice inside of me with visiting the TARDIS at earl’s court and today I went to the Who Shop which is soooo whovian! I defently am going to go there again on Tuesday to have a look at theire museum.. The said they have 2 Daleks and also Wheeping Angels (alongside of sooo much more) 

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London travel disaster

So I just arrived in London it was pretty much of a hassle to acctually get to where I am staying.. Somebody told me to get on the wrong train which then drove right past my destination and I had to get back again.. But I met 2 women who helped me figure it out and! they were whovians! They were so lovely! 

So jup that was a day :D

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WB Studio Tour London

Guess who’s going to the WB Studio in London to get a look behind the making of Harry Potter! ME!! My parents just gave me a gift ticket I’m so excited !!!

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